Know what Triad Capacity is: China is trying to move fast towards it


Know what Triad Capacity is: China is trying to move fast towards it So far, only two countries in the world are at the top of all types of military capability, but China is constantly trying to come up against these two. Only America and Russia are the only countries capable of carrying out nuclear attacks in any country of the world through water, land and air range, now China is making its move in this direction. According to a report, China will be able to compete with the US and Russia in the region in the next decade. He is constantly working in this direction.

Revealed in annual report

Presenting its annual report to the US Congress about the Chinese military, the Pentagon has said that within the next decade, China can not only double its nuclear weapons number, but also become only the third country in the world to have water. Land and air can carry out nuclear attacks through all three routes.

The tension between China and the US, which has been going on continuously for almost two years, does not seem to end soon. At this time, the US is once again pressuring China to sign the nuclear weapons treaty that it has signed with Russia. At present, China is reported to have around 200 nuclear weapons.

What is triad capacity?

Triad capability is that in which nuclear-rich countries are capable of attacking any country through water, land and air. Currently, the US and Russia have Triad capability. These two countries are capable of attacking any country through these three means. Other than that, no other country has such capability, but China wants to establish its own power by continuously increasing its military capability in this direction.

US military revealed for the first time

This number has been revealed by the US Army for the first time. China says that it is not interested in joining it, because the US itself has a collection of nuclear weapons 20 times larger than China. China has made it clear that it will think only when the United States first prepares to reduce its weapons and come to the level around China. According to the Federation of American Scientists, China has 320, the US has 3,800 and Russia has 4,300 nuclear weapons.



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