About Us

New and innovative news is what more people are on the lookout for. They are bored and tired of the same, uninteresting news. This makes news watching boring and many people are relying on newspapers for the news. We at bharatiyanews.com, provide our viewers with notifications of the news so that they are able to watch their favorite news channel without wasting their time watching the news that they don’t want to. News is generally divided into several parts because the taste of every person differs.

We try to achieve our mission and meet public needs at the same time. Our aim is to get the best news and we are able to live up to our mission by keeping a tap on all the happenings in our nation. Apart from that this channel is made for the people so that they are well aware of the events occurring in day to day life.

Even after facing several problems, we are able to overcome it and bring before the public the pictures and videos of the scenes that are taking place all over the nation. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, our reporters have everything covered.

We are the proud holder of the News license. This license is only given to authentic news channels and owning it gives our channel the reputation of being authentic. We would love to live up to the aim of the channel. The channel is named bharatiyanews.com, as it focuses on the National level news.

We also focus on how to make the nation a much better place for the people to live in. The economy is called the backbone of a country, but the news is the life source of its public. Without proper and authentic news, people will be ignorant and might get fooled easily.

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